When you feel the most stuck, that's when you must be your most creative.


Creative process. That’s how I describe my work. The way I help you get out of what might feel like a little box with the same thoughts and ideas banging around in them, into something more expansive… with new energies, ideas and possibilities for you.

Once, while working with my Healing Masters - the guides I work with - there was a very clear set of instructions: the more creative I can be in taking people on an intuitive journey into the vibrational information that they need to recognize, the better.

Sometimes clients tell me they question themselves with this work; when I take them into a journey to talk with their business or some aspect of themselves or some guide who shows up to heal. “Isn’t it all in my imagination?” they say.

My response is always to say that it’s your beautiful, creative imagination that lifts you out of the stuck, and into the field. The field of possibilities. The field where every possible vibration lives; the Akashic field where you can see the web of energies - the stories - you are connected with.

It’s your imagination that is the lens that lets you see into all the vibrational information that streams through all your senses. And it’s the creative play that you can do with your imagination that can assist you in taking that energy your capable body has collected and give you a means of creating meaning from what you see, sense, hear and feel.

Creativity. It is the basis of your healing, your ability to transform.

And when you are the most stuck, that’s when you need to call upon in. Here’s the rub though, accessing creativity and it’s playful counterpart can be tricky when you feel scared and in fear and stuck.

Here’s me saying a whole lot more on this....


Over to you.

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