I got a message from the universe today all about how things work.


The past few weeks have been a little weird for me. I feel as though I am simultaneously in the flow and in some kind of resistance.

I've been driven with the desire to get a handful of projects done — the beginnings of an e-course series that I am busting at the seams to share. But it's been slow going.

One part of me feels a sense of frustration because one thing or another takes over my time and I am not getting it done fast enough; while another part of me is looking on and seeing how all the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together. How the timing is perfect.

Have you ever been in that state of awareness where one part of you is swimming upstream and the other is connected into the flow? Yeah, I said it was weird. 😉

And so this morning I did what I do, what I teach the women in my Insight Groups to do.

I sat down and had a long chat with my business and my guides so I could re-find balance and get the necessary insight to move ahead in a more aligned way.

This is never a linear process. For me today it began by tapping into some old anger, and as I worked with that, through a few tricks I have to let that unwind, I found some even older anger.

There was an old, old, old belief in there that said, "Nothing ever works... f*ck you Universe." So, I got to spend some time on a deeply buried core pattern, while hearing tidbits from the Universe on a better way to think... the way "it" saw things.

That's when my process got foggy and I was swimming around in some primordial ooze, but there were thoughts and images and words that popped into my awareness. So, I'd grab those as anchors. Anchors to bring me out of the fog, into insight.

And then I heard the down-to-earth voice in my ear state, "Everything works in the Universe because it all comes from thought and vibration. It may not work in the way you think or the timing you think... but things work."

Yes, I was schooled by the Universe itself this morning. There was a lot of subtext in that message that if I tried to explain I'd fail at miserably... but it's in me. And it shifted things.

What I walked away knowing (somehow) softened me to a point where I could see that — first of all — that old belief has to keep being tossed out. There's a new mantra I can work with.

But I also feel different... at a visceral level. Bob Marley is singing, "Everything's gonna be all right" in my head. A piece of control has been put down. My inner teenager has stopped glaring at, and flipping-off, the Universe.

And somewhere in all that I also remember asking a simple question about marketing. Yeah, it was a full morning. But I got a clear answer on that too. A road map for the next week.

This inner work is not just a cool experience. It's a tool. A tool to support your personal transformation and how you engage with your business.

Finding your way into this kind of intuitive work is a skill. A skill I'm totally keen on teaching you.

I want you to learn it and practice it. Practice it for yourself and for your work, because I know your work matters to you. It's how you grow at a soul level... and how you pay for your chai lattes. Both equally critical in my mind.

If you'd like to learn how to work in this energetic space to support your business — figure your business out and what's in your way — then please join me for one of the upcoming Insight Groups.

There's a theme brewing in these groups this season of figuring out what your work and business are to be.

That's a powerful place to work; to define your work and who you need to be to claim it so it works. And we do that over and over again as soulpreneurs.

You may be ready to look at this with your work right now.

And remember, everything works in the universe. You just have to find a way to listen for the instructions and way forward that are aligned for you.

The Tuesday and Wednesday Insight Groups both have openings still. Hurry though, we begin next week.

To you learning to hear the way the Universe whispers to you.

Over to you.

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