Trusting your intuition to know "and so it is."


When it comes to making decisions about your work - your livelihood, passion, time, energy and money - it all comes down to trust.

Do you trust what you know? Do you trust the choices you make? Or do you toss your "wants" out to the universe and proclaim it is so, even when you secretly doubt?

"And so it is" is something people often say without thinking much. They tag it onto the end of a prayer or affirmation.

Me? I say it - think it - only when I've come to trust what I am creating in my life. Because I know that to simply say something "is so," when like 90% of me is still in doubt, is just plain old confusing.

And I know, you might be thinking statements like these are about trusting the universe; knowing, before there is evidence. And there is that...

But there is also a magical moment where your energy comes into a place of trust before you fully know the who, what, when and how. There's a tipping point where when you say things like, "I believe this" or "and so it is," you actually stop energetically negating it.

To step into a place of power around what you create - like your work - you have to work in this place of "energetic reality."

In yesterday's Insight Group kick-off class, a group of women and I set a path toward understanding. Understanding their work, their intuition, and themselves. 💖

And as we talked about the mindset for doing creative intuitive work to get answers and move ahead, I dropped a bit of a bombshell right at the end of class. This morning I woke up thinking, "Way to bury the lead, Stace!"

So what did I say? Well, it was about trust; this "and so it is" thing.

I shared that the trust I have around my intuition - and using that to make these big decisions that impact my work and my life - doesn't come from getting a hit about something that I somehow magically trust.

I trust because I trust my process of coming to those moments of recognition.

I'm not banking on an end goal and saying, "OK, so it is."

I'm banking on the fact that my soul is directing me to something. And it can show up in just the right form because I'm engaged with the co-creation of it... not the end result.

To build your beautiful soulful business, you can't be energetically anchored into some future outcome... way out ahead of you. You must be in your power, in the co-creative process with your inner wisdom and the energy of your business, in the present moment.

That's where your power is. That's where you find trust.

And that's the legwork that has to happen with your intuition and the energy of your business. You must come into this place of trust and co-creation so you understand what you're doing and what it's all about.

Then you can follow the plan that rolls-out from that. You can show up and allow the synchronicities to happen. You can co-create with the universe because you're not in the dark.

Coming out of the dark to then co-create your work is one of the biggest outcomes of the work I offer. Work that blends creating an awareness of your intuitive wisdom and you working with the soul of your business to co-create work you love.

It's all about creating a relationship with your inner wisdom and your work so you can see where your work fits into the grand scheme of things. You see its need and why you need to be the one to do it.

Knowing that makes it a hell of a lot easier to trust what you're doing; to say things like "and so it is."   

So if you're questioning yourself when it comes to the choices you are making or putting ideas out there like a wish and claiming it will come to be... fingers crossed, then you haven't yet learned how to be in a trusting relationship with your energy, intuition, and business.

Before you set off on your journey, you need to find that. So you trust. So you understand why your work is worthy of being created... so you recognize your value in its creation.

Because when you know there is a place for something you do with your work in this world, you know it can indeed be so.  

Over to you.

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