What do you want people to know about you?


What do you want people to know about you? The folks who connect to your work in the world?⠀

A friend of mine asked me this once. It's become my favorite question for anyone who is struggling with their work or needing to create clarity around what they do... and why it matters that they indeed do it.

It's so easy to rattle off a long list of answers. Your head might even be listing things as you read this. You may be thinking strategically, developing an answer that fits an idea of who you think people need to see you as.⠀⠀

So let me be clear here. I'm not talking about telling people about the modality you work within or what your title is. 

I mean the deeply personal beliefs that you hold that drive what you do; telling people that stuff. The stuff that makes you tick. The real reason you do what you do.

Figuring this out is paramount to you getting started with your healing or coaching biz.

And if you're already doing your thing but feel at a loss around what you're really doing and why nobody seems to be responding to you out there, then please come back to center on this one.

Do this piece of work. It is so valuable.

It took me a while to drop into the fullest depth of the answers. I asked. And then asked again. When I got to the bottom of the question, the answers were simple. 

Just a handful of things felt real:⠀

  1. I deeply know - as a truth - that doing what I am here to do is how I evolve both personally and spiritually. The more I step into my power through my work, the more I step into my spiritual evolution. You too. This is why I am so focused on you figuring out what you're truly here to do and getting clear so you get out there and get doing. It's not just a job, it's your evolution.

  2. Every single person is an intuitive genius, they just need to learn how to access their information. You and I know the answers that we seek; they are accessible through our intuitive process. And we find them by going out into the Universe - this vast playground full of information. Then, using clear discernment, we choose how to take action.

  3. I implicitly trust that when I show up to energy and my intuitive process - without agenda - I will get where I need to go. This is true for my personal journey and how I work with my clients. I'm gonna model that for you and teach you to trust this too, with every session. This is not blind faith, it's from a cultivated relationship with my energy and intuition.

  4. The more creative we can be in our intuitive process, the better. The Universe is a wildly creative and expansive place and I am super-duper comfortable romping around out there to find the answers that are needed - for myself and for you. There are no rules when it comes to intuitive process work.  The more playful and creative we can be when seeking insight out and about in the Universe, the easier it is to get answers. (And ditto on the whole practicing of this when we work together thing.)

  5. Being connected into the wisdom that is all around you is grounded; everyday intuition. There is no room for fluffy "flight to light." This is your evolution, my friend!

Why I love this question so much is that these answers began to show me where I was, and wasn’t, personally showing up to my business; my work. I had a stake in the sand all of a sudden where I could measure how aligned I was with my work... or it to me.  

It can be scary though, no? To claim what you believe... what you know?

You’ve got to let all the hoopla go and own the most focused truths of who you are and how that steers your work, what you say about it, how you speak of it, and how you show up.⠀

Claiming these ideas - these core beliefs - is how you define what you do and what helps you stand apart from the masses... where you get lost in the crowd. 

It seems like a simple question. But really, its huge.

I think no matter where you are with your healing or coaching business - just starting out, in transition, struggling or ready to uplevel - you want to figure out what's important and why. 

Because your work is not being a massage therapist or a coach. It's not even about teaching people how to make a ton of money or manifest more of this or that. 

Your work is about what you believe is important in the world... what matters. It's about what drives you to do what you do. 

It's about what is aligned with your spirit, with what you raised your hand to do in this life; the thing that will help you to grow and evolve through what you do.   

Get clarity on what's driving this work of yours; why it matters. Doing so will focus you. It will align you with a greater presence around your work.  

So, back to you. 

What do you want people to know about you? Yeah, it's in the context of your work, but it's also going to express the truth of who you are and what you offer through the beauty of your life.

If you're ready to create some clarity - to figure out what you do, why you do it, and how you need to show up to your work for it to workset up a consultation. Really. Let's get into your energy, focus on your work, and see what is needed to get you doing your work in a way that feels good and right for you. There is no reason to struggle with this, you got stuff to get out there and do!

Over to you.

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