How to figure out what your soulful business stands for.

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Some thoughts on how to find your message. To stand out with your business and stand up for what you are here to do.

Before the selling, the social media posts and heading off to network, you’ve got to know what you have to say through your business. You need to do the work to know what your message is; what your business is all about.

And if you have gotten out there and started offering sessions and packages and programs without this key piece of wisdom, chances are you’ll come to a point where you realize that to stand out in from the crowd and grow your business, you must step back and come to know what you have to say… what you think about people and the world and how your work intersects with that.

It’s here, where you take that brave step and clarify your message, that you begin to create a business that is truly “you.”

Marketing your soulful business isn’t always easy. There are a ton of people out there offering coaching or some healing modality. There are people everywhere helping people transform and tap into their creativity.

And those who need your help are inundated with static noise; so much of the same ideas are being bantered around. So much of the same offerings arrive in their inbox.

Your people out there are craving your unique voice.

They are craving your particular thoughts, not what you think about your modality or thing you do necessarily, but your thoughts on what you see as the issue they face. They want to know if you are like them; if you see the solution they can’t.

You need to share your message. Your opinion.

The trouble is, so many soulful entrepreneurs don’t yet know what their message is. They haven’t yet been guided into the process of clarification because most of the business support is about getting into “doing.” You get the list of steps to create the thing, not necessarily do the emotional business development that is needed to guide you toward your unique business.

To step back and spend some time to understand what you have to say, however, is the most valuable bit of work you can do. Doing so will quickly move you forward in ways you can’t yet imagine.

So how. How do you come to know this message of yours? Here’s what I suggest you start working on:

  1. First off, let go of the need for your message to be about your modality or craft. Ultimately it will be bigger than the tools you use. If you can get out of modality thinking, then you can tap into a need out there. Something that other people are recognizing they either get stuck in or want to be involved with as a source of inspiration in their lives.

  2. Spend time considering what you do care about in this world of ours. What do you think about? Why? Why is that important to you?

    Go ahead and think about that question in the context of your work, but listen for the inner dialogue around what bothers you. What do you see happening around you that you want to see change for the better?

    This bit isn’t about crafting some message. Not yet. There’s no need to sugar coat things or come up with some pitch. Look for what opinions or ideas you have about the problems your clients might have? Maybe it’s not problem-based. Maybe your message is a thought or belief that is a prevailing thought in your life. A truth. So, what drives you? If you were to stand up on your soapbox, what do you want to say?

    Your message will come out of you and what you care about. Give it time. At some point in the process, write down one clear sentence about what you believe is true in this world that might be impacting the people who interact with you. Those you want to help. Then, sit with that for a while.

  3. Watch for how afraid you are to say what might rub people the wrong way. This is your chance to claim your power.

  4. Lead with your message, the cause behind your business. Speak of this, create content to address this. When you do, your people will begin to see you more clearly and come to recognize if your message and their idea of what they need align.

This shift with your business isn’t something you do in the course of an hour. It’s easy to fall back into vague ideas or modality speak. It takes time to clarify your message and come to understand it. There’s energetic work to do, to embody this message. There’s work to be done with your business to re-align it with what you have to say; to understand this new platform and how your craft fits into this.

But here is what I have come to know, through my own journey around being brave enough to speak my truth and share what I think (and how my business can address this). I know that when you find this message of yours, your business responds. People respond. It’s how you and your business grow. It’s how you’ll thrive.

xoxo, Stacy

Stacy Vajta

p.s. If you want help, reach out.