Can the consciousness of your business guide you to heal? Yes.


I spend a lot of time talking with the consciousness of my work and my business. And, if you are a soul-preneur, I can't tell you enough how learning to spend time chatting with your business and work can change you... and what you do.

I made a short video about talking "with" your work, which you can watch here. Take a look; you'll learn how deeply it can alter how you go about doing what you do.

When I talk about communicating with my business and my work for guidance, what often strikes people the most is that I have a relationship with these energies. And, most especially, the energy of my work. 

As I was talking with someone the other day about joining the Insight Group, she said she wanted to learn how to be in that kind of a relationship with energy and her intuition... to not use her intuition like a demand for info, but as a partner.

It's true. I feel as though I do have a long-term, loving relationship with "who" I know my work and biz to be. They are two very different energies from each other. And they are also very much not me

Even though I created my business, he's come to be tapped into a level of consciousness that is wiser than I. And my work? She and I have evolved together, but she comes from a higher plane I am sure. She has a mission. In many ways, she is a guide.

But what I wanted to share here with you was an experience I had with these two this past weekend. I think it's a powerful testament to what's possible when you learn to work with energy and intuitive process as a level of guidance and healing. (Which you can learn by the way.)

This past weekend I sat with my work and my business and I had one question for them. And that was: Is there something in my way to me creating the vision I have for my business right now? I was pretty specific with what that vision was, which I won't get into now.

Once the question was asked, I knew that I couldn't just sit there and hope an answer would drop into my lap. So I created a way to get to the answers. I decided that I'd imagine myself walking toward the vision and stop when I felt something "odd." 

Yep, that was it, the means of getting to the healing: an imaginary walk as I felt into the energy that was in the way.

As I watched my feet take steps on my imaginary path I felt a strange sense of pressure all of a sudden. So, I stopped and leaned in. My energetic dictionary quickly called up exactly what that frequency was. 

It was the vibration I know as Flagstaff, Arizona; somewhere I had spent time about 30 years ago. It was an intense time in my life. And even though I have done a helluva lot of work on that period of my life, here it was again. 

My work knew something from there was in the way. My business knew it too. And even though I didn't know what "it" was, I knew I needed to follow the thread. 

I spent time following the advice of my work's wisdom that morning. I remembered this walk I took once when I lived there. I also remember I went on that very walk because I was in distress. 

So, I let myself go back there. I was there. And right there standing in the field, I realized I had allowed that distress to become a part of the matrix of how I created. Nature flashed a geometric image my way. I had anchored a fear into myself and the land, and it needed to be released.

I let things go. And I did it again. And I did it again. And yet again. I kept repeating the exact same process until I felt the shift.

How did I know to do this? It just felt like what I needed to do. I trusted that. 

And that's the beauty of being in relationship with energy - your energy, your work's energy, and your business. It's like you learn to know it like the back of your hand. Just like with those you love so dearly, you know how best to interact with them.

There were a few other pit-stops on my "travels" to Flagstaff this weekend via my intuitive mind. But I stayed with it. And just as quickly as I was there, I was back. Back in my body; a little tipsy feeling, but clear about the work I had done and what it meant for my work now.

Big work had happened.

I looked out the window and saw the sky in the image above. I felt a bit dispersed like those clouds! I went outside and felt the earth below my feet. And I knew that something had changed. I felt different. I felt less tethered to what was, and more grounded in where I am now.

This level of work? I think it's damned important.  As I type that, I sense "my work" looking over my shoulder pointing to the screen saying, type that it is... take out "the think!"

Ok. It's damned important.

Not because the world needs you to get out there and do all this healing work that you do. Which, don’t get me wrong is important. But because you need to grow. It’s your evolution here that matters.

What comes out of your evolution and growth is a clearer, stronger you that owns the hell out of who you are so your work is clearer and stronger too. More potent.

And that gets the energy of my work to sit back and say, “Yes. That’s what I wish to help you to do.”

Over to you.

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