Coaches and Healers, the world needs you. But not in the way you think.


"The world needs you..."⠀

In the healing and coaching world, we hear that a lot. ⠀

I can remember in the first (and last) big-box coaching program I enrolled in to help me figure out why I was in a free fall with my work, I heard that over and over. It was meant to inspire me, but it always left me feeling bad. ⠀

The message seemed to create so much pressure. "The world needs you, so get out there and have more heartfelt sales conversations. The world needs you to stop playing small."⠀

I was having lots of heartfelt conversations and doing everything I could think of to get things to work. The problem was, I hadn't really embodied who I was and what I was doing and why that mattered so much... to me. For me to live my part.⠀

I realized one day that it wasn't so much the world that needed me. I needed me.⠀

I needed me to settle into who I was and what I knew and own that. That was my evolution. That was my work to do, to be in the world in a way that allowed me to be me. That was all the world needed.⠀

My growth was to step into my power and stop pretending that I didn't have an opinion or something to say or something to give. ⠀

I needed me. And my biz needed that.⠀

More than showing up to the world, I had to show up to me. See me. Trust me. Know me.⠀

I had to do that first, before anything else. This clarity was the key. The key to my own evolution and the evolution of my biz.⠀

The work that you and I do? It's important. But you do your work for you, right? Not because the world needs you, but because it is a part of who you are. What you do is the thing that is yours to do, whether you're at work or at the grocery store.⠀

So when it comes to your work, does the world need you? Yeah. But not because you gotta coach a zillion people and change the world because of it. But because you change the world by being you and doing what you know as yours to do.⠀

So first, find you. Get clear. Then go do. That's all you need. That's all the world needs.⠀

Over to you.

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