Why I'm not going to tell you to "go big" this year. In fact, just the opposite.


I'm sure you've been seeing all the emails and posts with the New Year, New You theme. Lots of goal setting and year planning is afoot.

That makes me tired. The thought of vision boards and words for the year and planning what's next makes me want to curl up and nap. Not because I'm avoiding anything. Quite the opposite. But it all feels like too much "doing" for me. 

This year I'm merely spending time with my work, my business, and my inner wisdom to listen for instruction, one step at a time.

As I wrapped up 2018, the thing that struck me the most is that despite all the goal setting and planning, I could never have been able to guess at the growth and direction life (and my work) took me in.  

Never. Really. In fact, I look back on the planning and realized all that just covered up what was really needed: listening.

The image above is a painting I did this time last year which conveyed the energy I was feeling. Being more visible and expressing my "joyful noise" was what I was bringing into 2018. 

I was full of ideas. I thought I understood the message, so I rolled with it. (More like rolled right over it.)

I mapped out what my business was going to be. There was going to be this year-long women's group and monthly healing group-work. There were podcasts and posts to be written and client work that extended out a little longer than I had usually done... to do more work. 

On the surface, it all seemed great. But to be honest, I think I was moving ahead with those ideas because I didn't know what else to do. They were the things we all do, what we're supposed to do. They matched the noise out there of "grow your business." But as I learned, that energy is nowhere to be found in the energy of my work and business.

Mostly I didn't feel like I had a better plan at the time, so I went with what I knew and what I saw all around me.  

As the days went by, what I couldn't shake was the sense that if I just stopped for a moment - stopped taking everyone's advice, quit watching this master class and that training, and stopped following what others did - and just listened for my way, I'd find a better path. 

Which is scary because deep down I knew that I knew the path, but was avoiding owning it. It's easier to follow what we see out there in the world than step up, even if it's someone else's blueprint.

But this sense that I had to let go and find what I needed was persistent. So, I put everything down for a just minute. I let go of the weight of trying to do all the things... and I re-focused my attention inward. 

I started having long quiet talks with the consciousness of my business, which led me to realize I also needed to be talking with the consciousness of my work. Two different things altogether.  

But what these two levels of consciousness showed me was that I had no f*ing idea what my joyful noise was. 

Nada. Zip. 

To make a joyful noise first required understanding it. I can laugh about it now, but for a while there it was like, "damn..." 

I got schooled by my business and my work this year. The universe gave me a few good learning experiences too, all so I could step up and "be the noise." 

And as I write that I can hear the crystal clear voice of my work say to me, "damn straight." But there's pride there; she's proud of how I found her and stepped into that.

The other day when I saw a post that talked about "going big," the spirit of my work chortled and replied with a message of "go small."

I knew exactly what she meant. She taught me how. She taught me how to teach you too.

The concept of "going small" isn't about your email list or how many clients you have or even how much money you make (although when you go small it seems to help all that.) It's about how quietly you listen. It's about simplifying and listening within for what is real for you.

"Going small" feels like focusing-in on one little point of awareness. You stop focusing on everything and direct your energy onto one small, poignant area within. You drop away from the noise and focus on what is innately you. When you find that, the deep essence of truth about who you are and what you do is simple... clear... to the point. 

Spirit doesn't need "big" to show you what you need. There's a whole universe to be found when you connect with what ultimately is the most simple thing within you: your truth.

I played in this space this past year. A lot. 

I listened within for the simplest ideas; the quiet, still-point moments that reflected my truth, my mission, and my way of doing it. 

I let myself get small so I could slip through the keyhole of where I was holding things back. I knew if I could just stay focused there, everything would change. I could unlock that door and everything that was held back could tumble out and unravel.

I listened to what became the clear voice of my work and what that was about. I listened to the energy of my business and how he (yes, he) understood his function. And how the two danced together.

What I was doing became clear. How I needed to do it became clear. 

The plan I was looking for revealed itself step by step. I stopped looking for the last step to work backward from and started following the inner steps, one by one that let me evolve. That let my work evolve. 

At its root - and what continues to drive the ever-evolving plan forward - is the awareness of the essence of my work... what the joyful noise is and how it wants to be expressed. 

And damn if it wasn't the best thing evah! The pressure floated away. The fear diminished, and I could show up to what I always knew.

I started to play in this way with clients. Holding space and guiding them into the ability to go small, be quiet for a moment, and find their truth. 

That was magical. It keeps being magical.

It's amazing what you can come to understand when you learn to drop into the still-points, observe your energy and listen to what your wisdom has to say. 

None of this work is done. I'm still doing this because it requires an on-going relationship with my inner voice to keep growing into what is next, and next again. 

I'm still having conversations with my business and my work so I can align with what I need to do, and do it in a way that feels right. 

This thing called work is ever-evolving and intricately linked to your own evolution. Going big needs going small. 

So, if you're looking to go big, what if you went small first, to find your way?

I want to invite you into my work to help you find exactly what your work and your spirit seek this new year.

The answers you seek are all within you. Let's get you to where you can find them. ✨

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I love this group. It's a blend of me teaching you how to tap into all this intuitive wisdom so you can grow your work in the world while also holding space for you to do the inner work you need to get the insight and clarity you seek to keep evolving... in work, life and spirit.

By the way, I'll be teaching you how to converse with the consciousness of your business and your work in the Insight group. Because even though I had worked with the energy of my business for years, I never asked the kinds of questions we'll be asking in the group - the stuff I learned this year. It changed how I understood my work and my business completely.

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Questions? Contact me.

Here's to what's evolving for you.

Over to you.

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