Am I making all this up?


Is this is my imagination, or is this real?

Almost everyone I’ve ever worked with has questioned if the information they’re connecting with - via their intuition - is real or made up. That’s normal. If you’re working with your intuition and inner wisdom, your brain is gonna wonder if it’s all in your head.

The work I do and teach is intuitive process. It’s like going on a journey. More than not, when you ask a question, you won’t get a pat answer. You’ll be taken on a journey into all the layers of understanding so you can heal, grow, and change; which will absolutely get you to what you’re asking for and more. Just maybe not in the way you think.

To go on this journey, you gotta get out of your head. You need your imagination. You need to get out of the box of what you know and create a bridge to whatever and wherever the information you seek lives.

So go wild. Create that bridge. Play. Imagine.

And for just a minute, don’t worry about real or not, but focus on the journey.

Here’s the reality. Most of the time we have to go seek out intuited information. It doesn’t just “drop in” out of nowhere. It’s there, waiting for us. But we have to use our imaginations as a bridge to get to the information that lies outside of us.

I use my imagination all the time when seeking answers about my work and business. I imagine that I’m talking with the consciousness of my work. I imagine what she sounds like and what she has to say. I imagine her speaking to me, noting the tone of her voice and the way she speaks about herself.

It’s my imagination that helps me to tap into that level of information which guides me forward. Is it coming from my unconscious mind or “out there” in the field? 🤷‍♀️ I believe it’s both.

What matters is, when I sit with that information and work it through, at some point it gets me to what I know. Like deep in my bones know. That’s because of the journey my intuition and spirit has led me on.

The real issue here is trust.

The thing to focus on is the information you get to. Do you trust that, no matter the means by which it came?

I believe that to trust your intuition, you must have a relationship with it. No fair using it like a magic 8 ball. It’s not there for you to ask question after question in hopes you’ll get a quick answer you can bank on.

I mean how could you trust answers that come without any foundation or context?

We all like to ask questions that hopefully cut to the chase and get us to our final destination. But if you want to use your intuitive wisdom to guide your work forward and figure shit out, you can’t jump to the end and think you know what’s happening.

You must create a relationship with the question and explore it. And to do that you must be willing to go as deep into the process of understanding as you need to, to trust it.

And if you know how to work with your intuition in this way, it doesn’t have to take that long.

Here’s a story that may help…

The other day I asked one of those magic 8 ball kinds of questions. I was asking if a class of mine was going to fill up. I got a clear “yes.”

My head questioned the answers. Was that real or just my wishful thinking? I wondered how I could trust that pat answer.

And then it dawned on me; there was so much more to the story - to the answer - that I could trust.

I had spent time engaging with my business and my work to be clear in what I was doing. I had worked with the consciousness of my work and business to discern how I best marketed my work, how I wanted to speak of it, and even where I wanted to do that. I knew who I needed to be for things to proceed.

I still do all of that daily.

There are layers and layers of awareness that I’ve gathered that have created a deep knowingness around what I’m doing that has created a foundation of trust.

I realized I could trust that “yes” when I also dropped into my trust around all the other aspects of the work I had done. And only then.

Trusting the answers your inner wisdom offers you requires you to trust your inner wisdom.

And that trust comes when you have spent time with her working through the layers of whatever is happening so you can understand it and make choices that feel trust-worthy to you.

If you’re wondering still about your answers, go deeper. Build the trust by going on more of the journey.

I know it can feel hard to wait a bit for clear answers. But you won’t find those until you embody the growth and awareness that comes with them. So, do the work. Go on the journey. Tap into your intuitive, imaginative inner guide and follow where you need to go to understand.

Did my class fill? You bet. There’s already a list going for a second one. And if you want to learn how to do what I’m talking about here, I invite you to join that class. I’ll teach you the process as you go on your own journey.

Over to you.

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