How Clear Energetic Boundaries Help You Manifest What You Love.


Most people think of energetic boundary work as a defense from unwanted energy or energy that seems to overwhelm them in some way. And the typical response is to create some form of protection.

But I see that as the opposite of what you need. Clear energetic boundaries really don’t have anything to do with protection. Your energetic boundaries respond to what’s going on within you, not outside of you. And most people are going about this level of work from the wrong direction.

Create Clarity

Getting clear on how to support your boundaries is so important, because how you work with your energy in this way impacts everything from how much of other people’s stuff you take on, to what triggers you emotionally, to how well you manifest, and definitely how easily you move through each and every personal up-leveling that you work through.

Your energetic boundaries impact everything you do. And everything you do vibrationally impacts your energetic boundaries.

I want to be super clear here, when I talk about energetic boundaries with clients, I am never talking about protection per say… building a wall. Energy vampires are not the problem.

Energetic boundaries are about clarity and your own energetic integrity. How well you hold your energy is how your boundaries stay clear. And yeah, there’s a level of personal responsibility in that. When your energy goes wonky, it’s all on you. And I know, that’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes.

The way I see it, energetic boundaries are 100% completely an inside / internal job and how well you do that job is all about how you hold your power and embody the energy that’s yours… the energy that defines you.

It’s when you’re not clear on that - when you don’t have the energetic clarity of what is yours, what’s ok or not ok to come into your space, what your own value is, what your own values are, and how you show up in the power of all that - that’s when you’ll see energetic boundary issues show up.

Your REAL forcefield

I love the idea of your energetic boundaries being like an energetic forcefield that runs on clarity.

Think for a moment what clarity feels like.

It’s grounded. It’s centered. There is no need to push your clarity on someone. When you are clear and aligned and confident in that, there’s no need to defend your point of view. It just is. You’re clear.

The energy of that clarity is solid, but it’s also soft and flexible. You’re not in some protective or aggressive stance; you can move with the ebb and flow of energy around whatever idea you are holding. 

When you really look at the vibration of an energetic boundary, that’s what it’s like. It’s solid but flexible; it’s neutral yet clear in its intent.

There’s no brick wall that’s up. There’s no weird energy that people feel from you when you hold this energetic clarity, like, “don’t cross me on this. I said no. Keep out or else.” If that kind of fear or underlying vibe is going on, then you’re still questioning whatever it is that your processing for yourself.  And that’s OK. Just work on it

The more clear you become about who you are and how you stand in the power of your truth – your big beautiful aligned vision of you – then you naturally work with energies that resonate with you and what you need. And we know that level of clarity and personal power affects everything in really wonderful ways... right down to what you can manifest.

This video might give you some new insight into your energetic boundaries.

Over to you.

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