Create a Breakthough, Then Do. Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy At Play.


If you've been a part of my world now for any length of time, you know that I have one foot in my psychic "woo" and the other in a pretty down-to-earth practicality.

That's how I roll. It's how I do life; there must be this blend of taking in information from my own multi-dimensional experience and then translating and applying that in some practical way.

That's why on the one hand I'm always talking about the energy: how you do energy, how you boost your intuitive mojo, how you create a relationship with your inner wisdom, and how you heal and evolve through energetic work.

That's the input part of the equation.

But I'm also always talking about you getting out there and doing what you are here to do: working past the fear of stepping up into work you love, expressing your Soul and growing through what you do so you do keep evolving.

That's the output part.

At the moment we have a lot of input pouring in to light a fire for you to create a new output.

Today is a full moon, a super long full lunar eclipse, and Mercury (and a bunch of other planets) are retrograde.

So if it feels like you're circling around in a shit-storm at the moment, you are not alone. Just remember, challenges help move you into something new. They're part of you creating a breakthrough.

I met Virginia Rosenberg here in Asheville a while back. She's an astrologer. If you're into really clear astrological information for personal growth, you might really like her. In spending time with her, I've come to love her integration of "woo" and practicality.

She had this to say about the eclipse today over on her Facebook page.

This past week has been activating in many ways. I've had clients email me over the last few days and tell me that all of a sudden they have no idea what they want anymore, that their relationships have exploded, that they're confused because it seems like doors that were open are now closed.... or a new door has opened and they have no idea what to do or what it means, as it was not even close to being on their radar.

The energetic directive with all this cosmic energy is not to frustrate you and blow your life up, but to move you into creating clarity around what you DO want.

I love what Virginia says in her note:

"This is not simply a moon of random changes – it is your invitation to make needed change. What is no longer worth your support? Where does your life need revolutionizing? What can you implement immediately to upend stagnation and replace it with something fresh? What does your future self want you to do, want you to be?" She and I often speak the same message.

This type of change is deep.

We don't "just decide" these things on a whim. This type of transformation requires that blend of woo and practicality.

You need the intuitive energetic aspect to tap into the specific frequencies that you've been stuck in. It's your inner wisdom that will guide you into what your soul is asking of you to grow into and create. It's the vibrational healing work that will untangle you from the web of unseen energy impacting you and bring that into the light of consciousness.

But you also need honor taking practical, aligned action that will put you into enough motion so you can meet up with your next steps. You might want to figure things out and then take action... you know, sit on the couch and meditate until you think you've got it. Yet it's aligned action that helps you observe and modify, and even open to the next layer of energetic work you need.  

So, be in both worlds right now.

Firmly plant yourself into your growth, but also stay connected to how you need to be "in the world" to participate with the energy you're moving through.

For the last few weeks, I've been waking up and saying to myself, "Now is the time to take new action... create a breakthrough. No more holding back."

And, it is.

That project you've been saying you'll start? Now's the time to start it. That job you've been wanting to leave? Now's the time to figure out what your spirit wants you to do instead - and who you need to grow into to get it. (Notice how I didn't say just quit... you've got inner work to do first!) And that business you've wanted to start? Yep, now's the time to do the foundational work on YOU to be able to energetically call that in.

Creating a breakthrough is about the energetic/emotional process work that you need to do to create that up-leveling... that new energetic stance in the world that will land you squarely in the vibe you need to own whatever is next for you.

It's not you just jumping into what's next.

Do the inner work first: transform your energy, create the clarity, and set the clear plan in motion.

Break through, then do.

If you need help with your breakthrough, or if you don't know what your breakthrough needs to be - what direction you need to go to evolve - then let's set up a consultation to talk about how I can help you get the clarity you seek and the healing you need to help move you into motion.

Let's take all this crazy energy and turn it into the fuel you need to fully step into what's next for you - your work, what you do... what matters.

Over to you.

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