Are You Choosing For the Things You Want In Life?


When you really think about it, are you choosing for the things you want in life?

One of the things that make my work so powerful is my relationship with energy - my psychic woo.

I find these little threads of energy that have been hiding in plain sight and pull on them. When I do, the frequency signatures you're out of alignment with come tumbling out. The past experiences that are still holding you hostage show up. The energy around your old beliefs is revealed. And your True North then, gets lit-up.

A big thread is all about where you are - and aren't - choosing for what you want.

Wanting and choosing for are not the same things. There's a real vibrational difference between you saying, "I intend 'x' to happen," and "I choose for 'x' to happen." Door #2 hits you in the gut.

Choosing for lands you right in your 2nd chakra where you need to look at how willing you are to open a door and walk through the threshold.

It's when you're working in the realm of "choosing for" that you realize for this thing to happen, a whole bunch of other things might need to change. 

To get where you want to get to, no matter what that transformation is, you need to figure some things out and learn how to be a new version of you; the YOU who can embody the life you seek. There's no magically landing on the other side. There's some choosing to change that's needed.

And that, my friend, is where most of us get stuck. In the choosing for. 

Sometimes the first obstacle to getting what your heart and spirit desires is getting to the point of truly choosing for something to actually be so. You have to get out of your head and any dreamy idea of "wouldn't it be great if..." and get into your 2nd chakra where you say, "OK, I'm doing this. I'm going to look at my stuff and choose for something to be different."

Gulp. Deciding to deal with your stuff can be scary as shit. Even though you want what's on the other side of it... really, really bad.

It's time for some truth-telling; ask yourself this:

Am I choosing for what's stuck to truly change? 
Am I doing everything I need to do to change things...
to get what I want... to move forward?  

It's OK to realize that you're not. Honestly, I'd worry about you if you didn't recognize that you might be teetering when it comes to your own transformation.

But if something you really, really want isn't happening for you, then we need to look at this. We need to pull on a few strings and unravel where you're unwilling to go, to transform. We need to work through the energy of where you're stuck and put things into motion here in the world you live in.

Your transformation into what's next has this whole ecosystem that we need to work with to choose for change on all levels.

So, my friend, I say this... I'm here. 

I'm here to go it with you, to be your guide... your energy sherpa as you trek toward what's next on your journey. I'm here, waiting to pull that tiny little energy string you can't yet see; to hold the space for you to "choose for."

Today's a new moon. It's a good day to decide to "choose for" something. Set up a consultation if you're ready. You've got some options on how we can work together.  

Over to you.

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