How to Make a New Energetic Choice.


"We all have to do things we don't want to do."

I grew up hearing that. It usually was in the context to work. We all have to do things we don't want to do... as in that job you need to have. So honey, suck it up.

Gosh, just writing that I can see how I STILL have some deeply ingrained negative ideas about work as a whole.

I can feel something in me saying, "Yeah, work sucks." Which I know is not my truth.

My work is my spiritual work, it's how I grow. I want to be working.

Yet I learned that work sucks because somewhere along the way somebody didn't feel they had a choice. Somebody didn't feel they had the ability to choose something else to do that felt better.

A belief was passed down that you can't really have what you want when it comes to work, which still haunts me to this day.

So what do I do with that?

A few things...

I pay attention and don't buy into my story.

I recognize the fact that I'm still holding onto something here. I feel it as I write these words. It literally is happening in real time here. I feel my body respond as my gut tightens and my mind lock-on to thoughts like, "Yeah, work sucks" and "I'll never really have what I want."

Those are old stories.

I pay attention and I stop it. I recognize that my thinking is a result of an old pattern, an old idea. And, I get to choose if I want to keep believing it. I can either be a victim or I can get off my ass and take charge.

I can change my mind.

I don't have to dig deep to know where all this came from or why. Digging deeper into "why" when you know enough is simply resistance.

I know what this is... it's a family thing. I can hear my dad saying this. I know enough of his story to know he felt trapped at times. But that was his story, not mine. So I gather up and toss that energy - the visceral feeling of how those ideas move through me.

And I choose something new.

I choose something that feels true to me. What I know. 

I know that my work is valuable. .. that I love it...that I'm good at it. I choose the truth, that work for me is how I grow; it's my spiritual work.

I anchor all that into me and re-align with it. I re-affirm my true north.

Honestly, I might have to do this a hundred times today and 99 tomorrow. But every time I catch myself falling into my old pattern, I get to choose something new.

And then I get off my butt and I do what I know I am here to do. Because I've already made that choice. ♥

Over to you.

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