Learning to Be Your Authentic You.


So much of my work is about helping people re-find who they are. To uncover their Truth so they flow more freely in the world and do what feels aligned with them, without holding back.

It's amazing how separated we can feel from our authentic selves - the truth of who we are - and how that then leads us to make choices that don't fuel our own spiritual evolution.

It's common for new clients to say things like:

* I don't feel worthy; who am I do teach people?

* I feel unfulfilled but I don't even know what I want.

* I need to get clear on who I am and what I am about, to know what I want to do.

When we can’t see ourselves for who we are and stand in the power of our own needs, dreams, desires, and gifts, we simply go nowhere. When there is a deep need, buried within, to be DOING something that is meaningful that helps us at a soul level to expand and grow and give, then our true selves must be freed to do that. Otherwise, we circle around and around.


I know my own journey, both with my work and my spiritual journey, has been about figuring out who I was and claiming that.

Some people grow through their work, Some people grow through their relationships and some through their health.

For me, and my clients, work seems to be the big life-area where we learn how to be who we are and claim that... and then do what our true selves need to do to contribute and grow.

We peel away all the layers that we've taken on that aren't ours - the family patterns, the beliefs we created from this experience or that, and the things we’ve learned along the way that don’t serve us, to then see ourselves more clearly and stand in the power of that.

It's when we do that, that we can then know ourselves; know our gifts and our purpose.

Stop moving for a moment.

If you're standing on the precipice of this level of change - a conscious shift from not knowing who you are, doing what you want, or even knowing what you want - it begins by standing still for a moment.

Stop trying to get where you think you need to get to and stand still; feel what’s happening with you. Get out of your head and into your body.

Ask yourself, "What DO I know of me?" Focus on what you DO know and what you DO like and what you DO want. Make a list even.

Then, look at how you hide and how you play small - where you hold back what you DO know. No judgment, just be honest with yourself. Explore where you give yourself away and where you stay silent.

It's not about asking why you do those things, but is there a different choice you can make to allow your authentic you to shine just a bit more?

You are in there.

Transformation happens step by step, by seeing something about yourself, then making a new choice and taking action in a new way.

So, take one little step in one direction to peel away a layer of life that is holding you back from living you and doing what you are here to do.

Finding you through what you do.

If what you do in the world feels important - it's a way to claim who you are - then I invite you to do some uncovering with me. Join me for a WorkLove class. Or all 3.

Re-connecting to your purpose and your passion, and recognizing how you need to grow to manifest the work that authentic-self seeks, is what the 1st course in my WorkLove series is all about. From there we go into how you stand in the power of that and manifest it.

Here’s my healing mantra:

Find you, stand in the power of that. Figure out what you are here to do so your authentic you shines and you move forward in your own spiritual evolution.

In the WorkLove series, we’re steppin’ into some healing play to make that happen.

Over to you.

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