What Would You Say to Your Younger Self?


If you could write a note to your younger self, only using 3 words, what would you say?

I saw this question the other day and my immediate response was: 

Get. Out. There.

That’s the theme for this year for me. More activity… an explosion of activity.

Not just physical activity (although way more of that) but activity in my life – with my work, my community, and my friends.

Despite always being a bit of a rebel leader in my circles, I was also a bit of a lone wolf. Private time has always been sacred. It’s easy for me to skip out on activities for the sake of staying home and being quiet.

That’s not really working for me these days.

So, getting “out there” is a message that is loud and clear in my spirit and my psyche. I think my younger “me” needs to hear this too.

I do believe that when we send messages back in time, we heal. It shows our younger selves that we didn’t abandon them or our growth; we really did come back with an answer. And what my little me needs to heal, is this sense that there is a division between interaction and self-sustainability.

Somewhere I inherited an idea that connection was draining. When the going got tough, I’d go home to lick my wounds in private. And over time, the kind of stillness that can happen, when one is alone, became soothing.

Get. Out. There. 

That’s what my little me needs to experience, from a clearer state of awareness that I can bring to her now. And I do believe that when we travel back and show our past selves what we’ve figured out, we heal a deep schism in our energetic reality.

So I pass these 3 little words on to her now, and the big message behind them. She hesitates a moment, stopping herself just before she is about to take off, and then looks for reassurance. I nod; she smiles and then takes off a-runnin’.

Aho. The healing has begun.

Over to you.

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