It’s March. Um, it may be time to get off your tuchus.


It’s March. It’s usually right about now when I look up and realize that I better get off my tuchus and make things happen.

You too. Maybe you have… but maybe you haven’t.  

The universe may be saying to you, “No, seriously. Listen to me.”

You may be focusing on the wrong things or simply not moving toward what you need to be doing. But if something isn’t happening for you, you have a few things to look at:

1. Do you need to cut and run? I mean it. Do you need to stop swimming upstream and make a life change that you have been resisting?

2. Maybe you need to steer your ship toward something new… maybe it’s a slight shift, but a shift none-the-less?

3. Is it time to put the pedal to the metal, and generate more focus, energy, and awareness to create a breakthrough?

One of those options is going to speak to you. Your job is to then do that.

Option #1 - the cut and run.

Option #1 is obviously the hardest, but also where a whole lot of people “are at” right now.

It may be time for that job change, that move or relationship fix you’ve been sensing, but avoiding. If you are out of alignment in some way, you’re going to feel the energetic disparity more and more.

I know, yay. :/ But how long will you stay in something that's not working?

I've actually tried that experiment and stayed in work that I knew was not working for me, and I ended up feeling angry, burnt-out and sick. I see clients like this all the time too.

If you've stayed too long, it's time to move on. But first, figure out who you are being asked to grow into so you move forward in the right direction.

Option #2 - steering your life in a slightly new way.

Option #2 feels a bit more like new ideas popping into your awareness to initiate and integrate into your life. But those require you to get out there and do something new.

You may be being asked to call in activities that are new, but fit with what you already do in some way. That little voice saying, “Start that women’s group, ” or “Teach that class, ” or “Add this to your work,” are signs you need to get off that tuchas of yours and do it!

You may find yourself needing to take action to serve in new ways, or live up to your fullest potential. Perhaps it’s time to give yourself a promotion by applying for a new job… or braving that conversation with your boss to claim a new position where you work now.

Your heart is calling you to new adventures. That’s what the energy is about now.

You must listen and act. It’s important to step into what is aligned with your heart and spirit for things to work these days.

Option #3 - create the breakthrough you need.

Option #3 is about going for it. It’s about breaking through whatever is holding you in place and busting through the limiting beliefs you may have to simply take action.

That breakthrough though isn't going to come by you doing what you always do. And typically, it's not going to come by you journaling or adding more meditation into your day.

You need to see what you can't. You need to be pointed to the underlying energetic patterns that you are resisting. You need someone who can see that shit for you, and help you dismantle it.

If you know you are on track, but aren’t where you want to be… why not? It might be time to get some help to create a breakthrough.

There's some powerful energy in play that can energize and focus you.

You may be sensing new doors opening all around you — synchronistic opportunities falling into place. The seasonal shift always brings a push for us. And, the equinox is near. Nature's co-creative force is re-organizing us once again... lining us up to move through the next doorway.

Be alert; step on through.

“Doing” is the key right now. What that looks like, though, is up to you.

The energy right now is urging you toward something. To get there, you can’t be sitting on the couch. You can’t be “thinking” about the future. You need to be in action in some way.

That’s going to look different for each of us.

I have one client I am working with who is “undoing” things. She is shutting down much of what she was pushing for in her life - what she now sees is not aligned with her Spirit. Her normal state of busy and multitasking is getting shut off.

She needs to let go and re-structure to then move forward. Her doing right now is to connect with herself, and other women, in co-creative ways. Her "un-doing" is powerful work that's setting her course for what's new.

Another client is focused on that new job. No more dawdling… now is the time. She knows she must own herself as a leader, and her current job is simply not allowing her the opportunity to be that.

Does she know what that new thing is yet? She knows more now than when she first called me! But she’s never going to find it “thinking” about it. So we’ve been creating clarity, clearing away the limiting beliefs and the energetic blocks that have held her back, and getting her out there talking to women and networking so the universe can give her a path to take.

Each and every action you take right now needs to be paired with focused inner work to create a shift in awareness and energy. Own what you do on all levels.

So, back to the fact that it is now March.

Are you where you want to be? Where your Spirit needs you to be?

Don’t wait too long to make it happen. Let’s talk if you need some insight, clarity, and healing to get you living an aligned life in the flow.

Over to you.

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