Energy Work. It’s Not Always Pretty.


Ah yes. Energy work. It’s not always warm and yummy.

Sometimes it opens us up, turns us raw, pushes huge balls of blocked energy through tiny channels that physically hurts… but it is always moving us toward balance and flow.

Every now and again I'll get one of those emails that makes my stomach clench some. The note where I get asked why someone feels "worse" today, when normally when they do anything energy related they just feel the warmth of energy... they bliss out.

I always feel that clench, and then I remind myself that THIS is when I must step up. This is when I must teach that this work is about healing. It’s about awareness. It’s about diving into the depths of what needs to transform, so you change.

And yes, it is work. That's OK.

When we have those moments where our energetic process takes us into something real to heal, it’s a sign of our willingness TO heal. We said, “Yes” to something hard.

I met a woman years ago who didn't like the phrase, "Energy Work." She didn't like the work part of it.

I've personally always loved the idea of the work in energy work. Creating change doesn't have to be a struggle, but we do need to put some effort into it - some attention. We have to willing to work through the emotional and energetic blocks that we've been avoiding.

And no, that doesn't always feel like rainbows and unicorns. The more we fight that shift the harder it is. But would you really not work through your stuff?

So no, that stuff you opened up by really looking at it and feeling it and allowing it to unwind may not feel good today. But if we stay with it… it will feel better tomorrow.

Give it a minute. Trust me. I've never left anyone hangin'.


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