Mercury’s in Retrograde. You Should Not Be.


Here we go again. Mercury retrograde is here. It begins today and ends April 15. And you’ll be seeing warnings everywhere that all kinds of problems are coming your way.

I have some real feelings about Mercury retrograde.

First off, I’ll just say that energy goes where attention flows. So if you think the sky is falling, it will.

If you’re convinced that your computer is going to break, and that every communication you have out there is going to get messed up, and that any decision about your life over the next three weeks is going to bring issues... well, you’re going to be in for a fun ride.

When I am angry, I blow light bulbs when I flip the lights on. When I’m frustrated and I’m on my computer I do have more technical glitches.

Your technology will respond to you. So be conscious of what’s happening with your energy and do the inner work you need to do to stay in the flow.

That’s all Mercury wants of you.

But please don’t stop your life over this Mercury retrograde.

This is a time for you to be working on the things that are keeping you from fully moving forward in life. This is the time where you do the work to figure out what matters, and get out there and clear the path to be your next best version of you... doing what you’re here to do.

And there is no way to see the things that are in your way and work them through them, by not being in motion.

Energy must be in motion to show you what you need to see. And that happens by making the best choices you can make at the moment and putting yourself into action. You, meeting the energy and observing what happens.

Mercury retrograde is actually a time where you can make huge strides forward in your life.

  • Spend a little bit more time being conscious of your energy and your emotions. Look for what gets lit up for you, and take the time to work on the energy and beliefs that you need to change.
  • Observe how the Universe is mirroring back to you. How can you surrender or be more clear when glitches do arise?
  • Be willing to ask yourself how you can show up with more responsibility.

Now is a great time to invest in yourself; get the coaching and healing you need to figure things out so you move forward with Mercury’s help.

I’ve got a long history of starting things when Mercury goes retrograde.

In fact, I’m in the middle of sign-ups for my “Be You. Do What You’re Here To Do” group program.

I trust in the co-creative process, and that Mercury retrograde is a part of that. It’s not here to shut me down... you either.

Right now, I get to keep putting myself out there and practicing how I communicate what’s important to me. I get to work with Mercury to explore what I get to clean up. And I can call on Mercury to actually bring me those people who want help in figuring themselves out... because Mercury wants that kind of change. 

Just because Mercury's in retrograde doesn't mean I need to be. There's no backing down, hiding out or holding back in fear. I’m going to use this energy as a gift, and move forward in the process.

What will you do?


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