The Spring Equinox is Here.


Today marks the spring equinox - a powerful time to step into change.

We'll hear talk of balance today. The day and night are split. We'll hear of birthing new ideas, as it's natural for what has been dormant to begin to grow.

But the equinox holds a deep energetic directive for you. There's a level of how your soul has been organizing itself that is going to be awakened within you.

Go slow... the process is just beginning.

Here in my neck of the woods, the "Daffies" are up and I've had gardening on my mind. And the last two nights I've not had much sleep. My psyche is in motion; I'm processing something deep.

That's spring for you. She's all about planting seeds and giving time for the strong ones to grow.

I keep sensing this need to write, "Be cautious of rushing what you see as a new birth." So there; there it is. In time, spring will bring about a birth of some kind. But first, you must plan your garden and sow your seeds.

So what does that mean to someone who's searching for what's next, and not at all sure?

Slow down. Don't try to harvest your crop before you even know what you want to plant.

There's this really interesting energetic shift that comes with the equinox. Sometimes it's palpable. There's a turning of the wheel at a vibrational level. Mystical levers get pulled and all of a sudden you can tune into a new "energetic directive."

That energetic directive is: what's important for you to grow in your life?

What you've been both consciously and unconsciously re-organizing, as ideas and energies all winter long, are slowly beginning to pop up through the surface if your psyche. Your job is to look at those ideas and decide if you wish to plant them... and if you do, how you'll tend to them.

It's easy to get ahead of yourself. Especially when you want to make a life change.

I see this all the time. People jump into ideas because they are anxious. Decisions get made as a reaction to something they don't want, rather than a deeply resonate decision to what they do.

People try to harvest their crop before its ready. Heck, sometimes they don't even plant the right seeds... and then they fail.

So what if you moved with the energetic directive of spring?

What if you started to take all the ideas you have about yourself - or even the notion of what you want to change - and begin to plan your garden? What if before doing anything, you focused on what you wanted to give your attention to... what your soul needs?

In my line of work, that's really about stepping back and figuring out who you are.

Your spirit has been re-organizing ideas about itself - about you - through the winter. So who is this new you? Ask yourself, "How do I need to change?" When you do, you'll start to see where you're stuck in old ideas.

Where do you need to plant new seeds?

You're going to want to rush this, but there's value in moving with the energy here.

Spring is about tending to what you plant and weeding out the seedlings that aren't strong enough to thrive. Not everything is going to grow, not everything should grow.

Co-create right now. Explore new ideas that excite you and spark new levels of creativity within you. Do your inner work and understand what you want. Plan your garden first, so what you decide to grow will thrive.

Then, get out there and plant some seeds by means of choosing new ways of being, and watch what happens. There's no rush. Nature will indeed help what needs to grow to do so.

But you're the gardener here. So, what do you want your garden to look like on the next equinox when you will harvest your bounty?


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