Why That Activation Into a Higher Vibration Won’t Solve Your Problems.


I have a weird phrase that I use to describe my work: “slow-cooked healing.”

That popped out of my mouth a few years back when I was talking about the feel of my work… how I like to show up.

In a world where there are a ton of internet posts promising quick fixes, “rock star” coaches telling you how to create a 7-figure business if you “just do this,” and even healers offering “activations” and voila! you’re good to go, slow-cooked sounds good to me.

And if you think I am kidding about the quick fix activation stuff, it’s out there. I see it, and I’ve worked with people who come to me because that stuff didn’t work. Someone offered them a healing activation with the promise of a shift. Yet, here they are, still dealing with the old feelings, the old patterns, and not knowing what’s really getting in their way.

Here’s what I know to be true, healing takes insight and awareness. It doesn’t have to take eons… but you must be present to win.

My slow-cooked mindset is not about time, it’s about depth.

It’s about leaning into what feels hard, scary, and unclear when you need to so you transform that; so you move through it into something new.

Slow-cooked is soft and gentle. It lets you percolate ideas so they land squarely in your awareness to be embodied. It teaches you that your “aha” moment shifts your energy and then your deep practice into a new way of being anchors in real change.

Don’t get me wrong, there is such as thing as an activation. The universe gives them to you all the time. You download new ideas, new energies, and pure vibration quite frequently. Sometimes it opens you up and totally rocks your world.

But those vibrational activations don’t solve your problems. Hell, they usually help you see the problem.

I see too many people hoping someone will fix them somehow, offer a healing that will change them. That's disempowering. If you're seeking out help like that, you're not giving yourself the chance to work out your problem - to stretch into another idea on your own.

That quick fix activation is anything but. You still need to do the work.

You want to lean into your inner world and feel into your emotions. You want to unwind what is holding you back. You want to observe where you are unwilling and unable to take new action.

God, you want to love that stuff to heal it, not just activate it away… not just think "above" it. You want to be with all that so you can transform it with full-on conscious awareness.

That’s how you change. And like I said, that process doesn’t have to take a long time, but it does have to be deep.

This is the healing vibe I hold. It feels grounded and real… realistic to me. It’s how I approach healing the emotional baggage we all hold and truly stepping into a higher frequency. That's a slow-cooked activation in my mind. 

It's worth taking a look at what you hope will happen when you seek out help. Are you looking for someone to do something to you, or are you looking for a partner to take you into the places you need to go?


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