New Moon - You’re Either Laying Something Down or Letting Something Fly.

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Happy new moon. I love the energy of the new moon. It's like a still-point; a moment where things stop for just a bit before turning around and moving back into motion.

Sometimes when I'm working with someone, and we're working on ancestral patterns or even past lives where they've held onto energy and ideas that entangle them in the past, I invite people to lay down that energy and bow to their ancestors or their own past selves.

In bowing, even in their own mind's eye, there's an honoring of what they've been holding onto, for someone else. There's also a clear decision to let go and operate from their own energy and power, going forward.

This act of consciously letting go is a sacred thing to witness. There's an incredible amount of healing that happens in those moments. It's emotional. There's a release... energy is literally flying off people.

I feel like we have a chance to do that each and every month with the new moon with the stuff we can each get to on our own. We can gather up what we've been holding and put it down. We can bow to our past selves and say, "I see what this is, and I choose to let it go."

Sometimes that's the kind of letting go that you need. The, "I see where I've been stuck in a pattern and I'm done with this" kind of healing. You finally put something down and you decide to move forward.

And Luna, she loves to honor that process while she's tucked away, dark and quiet.

But sometimes the letting go that you need is not a laying down, but a birthing. You let go, by creating. You give expression to what's been pent up, so your energy can be in motion and your ideas can be born.

I've been doing the birthing kind of letting go lately. Nothing dramatic; in fact, it's been a hell of a lot of fun!

I've had this intense feeling of its time... I gotta get all this energy I'm holding out into the world. The mindset is not as much about letting something go... but letting something fly.

And as the moon has been waning these past few weeks, I've been moving energy out of me into the world. And today it really does feel like a still-point where I can pause between all this giving and turn back into receiving... filling up.

So my question to you is, to move forward on your own journey, do you need to put something down or let something fly?

There is a vibe out there of making decisions... claiming what you want. That's an energetic directive that's bigger than just today's new moon message. But today's energy may be stirring up your own need to create a change that aligns you with what matters on a bigger scale for you.

Who do you want to be? Better yet who are you meant to be? Are you living that? As that person, what must you be doing in the world?

A client summed it up nicely this past week when she said, "I need help moving through to the other side of this door I feel. I'm not sure what's keeping me from stepping through and expanding into that... but I need to get there."

We're all laying old notions of ourselves down and being asked to step into a bigger, more aligned life. That's how we do what we're here to do.

What do you need to release to step through your own door?

Get clear on what that is and how you're meant to let it go... is it a sacred act of laying it down or a creative, expressive release?

Either way, today's a good day to be claiming your next move.


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