Where do you want to be in 10 years?


"What do you want to do... where do you want to be in 10 years?" she asked. Me? I said, "I don't know."

And then I got an earful about how you NEVER tell someone you don't know what you want.

That was 30-some years ago, my last day of college. I was having breakfast with Peggy Charren, the Founder of Action for Children's Television, where I interned.

I really didn't know what I wanted because I was sensing something "else" despite spending much of the past 4 years thinking I'd get into TV or film or documentaries.

So there I was; sitting with a woman I admired, in shock, because I said 3 little words: I. Don't. Know.

I laugh now (sort of) because it's so clear to me that I couldn't possibly know. I was on a path that ran dry about 2 years later. No wonder when I looked into my future I only saw a cloudy, foggy vision.

I had no clue what was really to come. 

My spirit knew my path would change. My intuition knew. So did my "I don't know."

For a long time, trying to figure out where I wanted to be felt academic. Like trying on a suit that didn't fit.

But then I started looking at the path ahead through my inner wisdom, as though I had someone leading me on a journey, step by step.

Looking through this lens changed how I approach the "goals" question. Now, I never jump to the end of the journey. Instead, I feel into where I am and let my inner wisdom guide me to the point where I can energetically get to.

That's the place I claim. That's where I point my life to. Just there, because I know what I learn on that leg will guide me forward.

I teach this to my clients too. Because all too often their "this is what I want to make happen" idea comes from the head, not their deeper wisdom.

It's way more interesting to step back and view the path through their intuitive mind, to see the steps; to focus on how far they need to go now before getting to whatever else is there.

Our lives and our work roll out. They evolve. And we learn to listen, to know the way.

Over to you.

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