That 11:11:11 Energy 'Thang'


Those 11:11:11 graphics and posts have been flowing through my social media feed over the last several days, talking about the energy… the portal. And me? I scrolled on by.

It’s not that I don’t believe that there are energetic shifts that transform us collectively, I’m just not that focused these days to the cosmic “events” that so often get people oohing and aahing. I think people get sucked into the idea of “portals” and “activations” without knowing how to sink into their own energetic experience and follow their internal guidance.

So, when I started seeing all those posts, I moved on. I kept doing what I always do, which is to notice what I notice energetically and do my best to move with that in my own way.

Yesterday (11:11:11) was no different. And today - the 12th - I had to chuckle when I saw a few lingering posts about the 11:11 energy and realized that quite unintentionally, I spent much of my day yesterday doing deep magic.

I’ve been spending a lot of time these past few weeks asking myself, “Who do I need to grow into?” What comes out of that questioning is an awareness of what do I need to be doing next to live in that growth.

There’s been a lot of pondering; a lot of journaling. There’s been a lot of me writing odd thoughts of things I could do on little pieces of paper that have since been tossed or lost. Things have been swirling. Processing has taken precedence over doing.

Until yesterday.

I woke up thinking to myself, “Enough thinking.” It was time to get clear on what I was going to do. And not just get clear, map it out as an action plan. So, I printed out calendars for the next few months and literally mapped out what had to happen, when, to get where I wanted to get to in January.

I turned the corner it seemed from dreaming into action. That’s 11:11 energy in action.

I wasn’t thinking portals; there was no fancy ritual. It was just me and a cup of coffee at my kitchen table sensing into my energy and following what my intuition guided me to do.

Magic, as simple as that.

We all do this energetic/spiritual thing in our own way. I know enough to know that. For me, the more I evolve in my process and relationship with my intuition and energy itself, the simpler things have become.

No matter, I hope the 11:11 energy took you where you need to go.

Over to you.

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