Hi. My Name is Stacy and I'm a Creative Process Junkie.


It’s true. I’m a creative process junkie; a lover of personal process. And today I’m going to stop pretending that’s not important to me.

A while back I worked with a coach who wasn’t a big fan of deep personal process. Ok, maybe she wasn’t opposed to it, but she would often reflect back to me that too much process was just navel-gazing; it was slowing me down.

And I agree with that. Too much is too much.

But there’s incredible value in giving yourself time to explore ideas through creative, intuitive processing. When what you’re seeking is clarity and a new direction, taking complex life ideas, doubts, fears, and confusion and turning those on their side so you can see what’s hiding underneath them - and doing that in ways that expands you and gives you a means to then move ahead - is precisely what you need.

And that’s my jam.

I think I actually let myself get shamed because my go-to tool was to process in this way. At the time of that coaching, I was working through some big ideas about myself and my business. I was looking for clarity around what I was to do; what my business was to be.

And yet, there it was - right under my nose.

Hey, here’s an idea. Maybe the things that we do over and over again to the point of obsession are the things that we are supposed to be DOING in the world!

Creative process work never stopped for me, even after the coaching I did. I still looked at my issues just as much, and I took what I learned and moved that into action in the world. It certainly didn’t stop for my clients and how I worked with them.

But here’s what I did let happen. I stopped allowing my business be an expression of my genius - calling a spade a spade and just naming the thing that I do. I made life way too hard rather than seeing myself and accentuating what I naturally did. I let myself get lost in the idea that I had to find something “other” to help me make sense of things, rather than uncover even more what was already happening.

The result has been me trying to become a square peg pushing myself through a round hole.

Happily though, we keep being shown what we need until we finally get it. ;)

So yeah, I’m a creative, intuitive, personal process junkie and damn proud of it. It has served me well. It’s been a skill that’s helped take countless people into their own growth. And I think that’s pretty cool; if I spent the rest of my life doing just that with folks, it would be a life well lived.

So the moral of the story is: know how you do life. Do all the things you do in the way that you do you. If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to be “doing," take a look at what you are already doing. Best bet is, that’s a good reflection of where you’re to go.

Over to you.

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