Soulful Work Mentor and Energy Coach

April 17 - July 24, 2018

Join me for a powerful group journey to get some answers to the big question of "What should I be doing... what's my purpose?"

Together, we're going to work through the answer to that. And then some.

In fact, we're going to address these 3 core issues that are keeping you from getting out there are doing work that truly matters to you:

  1. Who are you growing into that's pushing you into bigger and better things?
  2. What do you want and need to be doing that's aligned with your heart and soul?
  3. How do you make the right choices to set course to manifesting that?

If you're frustrated and confused about what you should be doing with your work and life - or you just can't see a way to make it happen - this group will help.

This is not just about "getting a job." It's about you stepping into your full potential and living as that... doing what you're supposed to be doing.

And if you're feeling called to find your purpose and do work that matters, but can't make it so, it's because that inner work that you're doing on your own isn't getting to the root of the matter.

You're not seeing the old patterns and beliefs that you're stuck in. You're not able to work through the issues keeping you feeling un-empowered in who you are as your potential. You're not clear on how to work with your spirit to move you ahead in ways that keep you feeling safe and aligned on your path.

You're focused on things that really aren't the true issue. You might get a little traction, but not a whole lot of change.

To see what's really going on with you and transform it, you need to be creating awareness at a level that you can't get to... yet.

You can with this goup process.

This is a magical blend of intuitive energy healing and practical action. You'll get the clarity you need to recognize what's next for you and your work, the energetic work to move through what's holding you back, and the tools to support you in taking aligned action to make it so.  

Here's what you'll be up to:

Private Intuitive Healing sessions.

Because getting into your core patterns in a way that you can transform where you're stuck is so important, we'll be doing two private sessions together.

These sessions are a blend of psychic energy healing and guided process to drop you right into your core pattern and transform what has you stuck.

You can even add in up to (2) extra private sessions as an add-on.

Bi-monthly group energy coaching calls.

If you're expecting a webinar, think again! The group calls are all about doing laser coaching and energy healing work to shift where you're getting held up in the process... to offer support as you do the work of transformation.

Each call gives 3 people a personal "hot seat" session. We'll get in there and do some energetic process work along with some coaching support. This group is limited to 6 people, so expect to get a whole lot of help!

When you're not on the "hot seat," you're still benefitting big time.

Most likely, whomever I am working with at the moment is working on something that you're experiencing in some way too. You'll see yourself in what we do, and have the opportunity to shift your energy and work on your stuff right along with us.  

That's the power of group work!

The 8 group calls are held on Tuesdays @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm EDT. 
*Interested in a daytime group? Contact me!

Call Dates:  April 17|May 1|May 15|May 29|June 12|June 26|July 10|July 24
The call recordings will be made available to you when you're on the hot seat. 

Strategic Exercises.

You've got homework.

With each phase of the process, you'll receive exercises to create more clarity and take focused action. I won't leave you hangin' here. You'll get the tools and support you need to figure things out.

Support - 24/7.

Join the private Facebook group and get support from the group. Ask questions and receive the wisdom from the amazing wise women in your new community. I'll be your host there, monitoring the group and chiming in as well!

Who is this group for?

It's for women who are ready to roll up their sleeves and figure out what they want to be doing that will make their heart sing. And... they're ready to get the help they need to make it happen.

Expect to connect with women doing all kinds of things. But here's what you'll all have in common:

  • You're in a work transition. Maybe you're just starting to think about creating a change or you're mid-leap. Either way, you're working on figuring out what you want and then how to get it.
  • You're tuned-in to your inner wisdom. You've got some spiritual mojo going on. 
  • You're grounded. Sure, you might talk with your Guides, but you mean business here in the 3D world!

The energy of the group and what Y'all bring to the table is just as valuable as the work I do with you.

This is a small group. There's real value in that. Everyone brings wisdom and an energetic presence that helps turn 6 women into a power-house group.

You'll connect with each other. You'll learn from each other. You'll support each other. ♥

Be You. Do What You're Here To Do.

Program Details.

Phase 1: Find You.
Let's clarify your up-leveling.

Figure out your core values. Recognize your big bad self.
Define your talents. Expose your true purpose.

You've got questions about your life and what you're here to do. Your brain is jumping ahead. You're thinking, "What job am I supposed to get? What am I really here to do? Ack!"

Right now, you're swimming upstream. You're trying hard to figure out what's next before you know who you are as your most awesome self.

You need to know her. You need to embody her. You need to listen to her.

We're going to find her so you BECOME her.


Phase 2: Live You.
Let's define what you want.

Craft an energetically clear statement for what you want.
Learn how to co-create with Nature to get it.

Phase 2 is all about the process of co-creating. I don't really do "law of attraction." I think you need more than just feeling the vibe of what you want. You need to embody an awareness of why you, and this thing you want, align.

You'll connect to that, and create a vibrational statement that speaks your truth. And as you develop a crystal clear vibrational statement for what you wish to manifest, you'll also be working through the stuff that comes up.

We're going to take our time here and make sure you align with what is in your heart and spirit to then call in the energy to help you make it so.

Expect to work through some stuff. Expect to get a little "woo-woo" as you do.

I'll be teaching you a whole lot about co-creative manifesting... not from your head, but your Spirit.


Phase 3: Do You.
Let's get you living & manifesting
your new vibe.

Crank up the volume on you being your biggest energy. Call in what you want.
Get out there and start doing.

I love this phase the most. It's where you'll do the most healing and the most growing.

This is you, moving into action. This is you working with your energy to move through the stuff that's held you down in the past. This is you learning how to continually co-create with your inner wisdom to keep you on track and in the flow.

This is you getting out of your head and taking steps that move you forward in truly aligned ways.

OMG. You are going to love this you!


What's the cost?

$1,200 USD when paid in full or 4 payments of $350 USD

Add up to (2) additional private sessions for $130 each ($50 savings).

How to get in on this.

This group is limited to just 6 women and I want to be sure it's a good fit for everyone. So to get started, submit this short questionnaire.

The application is nothing major, just enough info to make sure we're both on the same page. Once I receive it, I'll contact you to set up a quick 20-minute chat where we can connect and make sure we're good to go.

The registration deadline for the group is now closed

If you have any questions, please contact me.