Soulful Work Mentor and Energy Coach

A little about you...

You've got a job that really isn't doing it for you these days. You know though that if you don't figure out some things, you'll end up in the same job, just in a new company.

You've outgrown your work. You want something that empowers you and speaks to your heart. Oh, and supports you in all ways.

You're not afraid of a little personal process... in fact you run on that stuff. Journaling, Yoga, Energy Work, and working through "your stuff" is your jam. In other words, you're into the woo. But... you've got your feet planted in reality. ;)

You're ready for more freedom in your life. You're looking to be empowered by what you do.

Let's combine forces:

You, a powerful woman on the rise who's ready for work that really matters, and me, an oddly-grounded psychic on a mission to get every woman she meets aligned and doing what they love. Now that sounds like a match made in the stars!

A little more about me.


I'm Stacy Vajta, an energy coach and intuitive healer who loves nothing more than helping women love their (work) lives.

I believe in what I call slow-cooked healing. It's not about how long it takes to create a change, but how deep you are willing to go.

I'm into the deep stuff – transforming core patterns so that you see all kinds of things in your life change – not just your work.

My work has been one long spiritual journey. It’s been my best teacher.

I’ve watched myself hide out in corporate America, burn myself out to the point of ill health, and even come to the point of almost giving up on my dreams.

My work has shown me how out of alignment I could get with my spirit.

But it was also through my work that I claimed who I was; where I then picked myself up by the bootstraps and got on-board with what I'm here to do.

Since then, I’ve let my work show me, over and over, where I go into fear, who I must continually grow into, where I trust and hold faith (and don't), and how to bridge the two worlds I inhabit: the woo-woo and the practical.

...And I do have some "woo" going on!

I have some mad psychic skills. I see energetic patterns and how to unravel them from miles away – literally. I work with people all over the globe to unlock what’s keeping them, despite all their efforts, from having a breakthrough and creating the life they know they are meant to live.

My intuitive work goes beyond simply “seeing.” I know how to work with your energy to coax it into transformation. I’m a master energy healer with over 30 years of experience.

With a Master’s degree in integral counseling, I also know a little something about how we manage our emotional lives. 

My favorite things...

because a picture is worth a thousand words.



If you're ready to slow down, tune in, and get some answers so you get out there and do what you’re here to do, schedule a consultation to explore us working together. I can’t wait to talk with you!