A little about me.


I’m a big fan of coffee dates. When I meet someone new, it’s usually over a chai latte.

We head to a hip coffee place with cozy couches, acoustic music in the background, and flowers. The kind of place you can relax into. And what starts out as a little awkward conversation quickly shifts into a lively back and forth about what we do, why we care, and what we are learning.

It’s funny because that’s the same vibe my online connections have. Even though we may be on opposite sides of the globe, there you are in your cozy space and me in mine and we chat. There’s usually a cup of something warm in my hands whenever we meet.

I think that’s how we need to show up to this work. Warm, cozy, and comfortable. Where what starts out as a little awkward turns into trust; where the conversation takes you into your growth and awareness in ways that has us both in awe of who you are.

So if this was a coffee date? I’d probably say…

For a long time, I didn’t trust my intuitive magic to usher me safely through the world. It didn’t feel safe to claim that for myself and tell the world, “This is who I am. This what I know. And I have the right to live this….” I let a sense of smallness take over. I felt shame around my power. Not my intuitive-ness, that became easy to share. But that I was powerful in my own rite. Me.

I let that shape how I created my work — what was most important to me: my soul work. The truth was, I wasn’t owning the truth of who I was. And, it was impacting everything.

Stacy Vajta Business Clarity Coach

I’d talk about how it was through my work that I learned to show up to myself and my power. I still do. But for years I struggled (I mean really struggled), and it wasn’t until I finally broke through the chains holding myself back from me, did things begin to happen.

And you’d probably see tears in my eyes. Because every time I talk about this sense of freedom that I feel to have thrown open the windows and let myself have space to be, I get all misty. And it is incredibly freeing to finally speak about myself and my work and have it match what I feel like inside. Who I know myself to be.

We’d talk about simplicity. How when you settle into who you are, and what you know, and claim your voice around what you are driven to do in this world — how you choose to express yourself — something magical happens with your work. It works.

Us, connecting, wouldn’t be a one-time deal, because there is so much to share on this journey. I always want to hear how people are growing through what they do. I think that’s important. I believe we do evolve — as people and as spiritual beings — through what we do. We get to see how we show up to our lives and put that to work through what calls us into action in some way.

It’s not always easy to show up to that. But so worth making the journey.

There is a more “official” bio which includes a Masters Degree in Integral Counseling from CIIS and 30+ years of training in energy work, intuitive process, craniosacral therapy, and somatic bodywork. If you’re curious about all that let me know!

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