A little about me.


For a long time I’ve carried a secret:

I didn’t trust my intuitive magic to usher me safely through the world. It didn’t feel safe to claim that for myself and tell the world, “be damned… this is what I know of how to move through my life.”

So I compartmentalized my magic… my wildly creative intuition and complete trust in my intuitive process.

In my work it was free. I got to stretch and allow my gift of sight and sense and trust to get to answers and healing during sessions.

But when those sessions were over, I felt as though I went back to a tighter life. I felt a little lost.

I hid this level of trust and ability to find my way. Instead, I shrank some.

I let a sense of smallness rule my life. I felt shame around my power. I had learned to do protect this as a child, yet there I was still acting in this way, letting it shape how I created what was most important to me as a tool for my growth and my purpose.

The truth was, I wasn’t owning the truth of who I was. And, it was impacting everything.

I mostly saw this in my work, because that’s where I needed to show up the most. I wasn’t working nearly as much as I wanted to be. I struggled with how to explain what I did and why it mattered. I was frustrated.

So, I did all the business stuff — the coaching, the heart-felt selling classes… all of it. It didn’t help because I wasn’t clear about me.

I needed to step back and claim my truth. I needed to see my value, to own who I was, and stand in the power of that. I needed to let that growth and awareness of who I was fuel and define what I did. Before anything else.

As I came out the other side of this I realized one thing with great clarity. There was no way in hell that my work could have ever worked until I did this inner work.

Without it, I had no voice. I wasn’t expressing my truth so it never felt right… to me or to those looking on.

Stepping into this level of self-awareness and power changes you. It changes what you do. It changes how you speak about yourself and your work.

I believe that your work is important. Not just to support you financially, but as a catalyst for your growth.

The thing that has always driven me is this idea that our spiritual evolution is driven by stepping into our power and doing what we are called to do… through work.

We evolve by claiming who we are and moving that into the world through what we do.

to me, you stepping into your truth and your power matters.

How you move that into the world matters.

So now?

I make time for this part of me as best I can. I talk with her — this inner aspect and essence of me. She and I meet up for coffee! We talk. She tells me when I am hiding. I invite her to keep showing me that trust and creativity in accessing the wisdom that is all around us.

We play together in my healing. And, she nudges me along in my work as she know that is where I grow the most.

This is the thing she keeps teaching me: how we do life is how we do our business. And when our business is not doing so well, we need to go back and look at how we do life… or need to do life… and step into that.

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