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When you feel confused about your work – like what your work or business is about, how to get something to happen, or what direction to go in – uncertainty can stop you in your tracks.

When you’re creating or building your soulful business, confusion is a regular thing. Hey, to be totally real here, you’re gonna feel confused at times. I think that’s normal. It’s a sign that you’re being asked to grow into something new. It’s only a problem if you don’t have a way to shift gears and find new answers… from within.

That’s why I give my clients these 6 questions, so they can ask their inner wisdom for insight they can trust. They can get out of their heads and into a flow of information that moves them forward.

now you can work with these 6 questions too!

If you’re called to do work that feels meaningful and authentic to you, you’re being called into your spiritual evolution. What you do is the channel for you to grow.

you can’t do that if you get stuck in confusion without a way out.

I’ve compiled a short list of 6 effective questions you can ask your inner wisdom to open a new channel of communication to show you what you’re missing. They’re my 6 go-to questions that set me onto a path of understanding.

They’ll help you get out of the energetic muck and indecision you may feel around your work. They’ll get you thinking. They’ll get you out of your head and into your inner wisdom… where the answers you seek live.

All these questions are ready to wear, meaning you can jump on in and get answers. They’re great to journal on or sit with as you observe your inner world.

Let them be a starting point to take you into a deeper understanding of what’s got you feeling confused or stuck with your work.

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